The Association at Exeter on The 19th Day of December 1688 as Recorded in The Journal of The House of Lords

Upon a Motion made by the Earl of Wilts, that the Association, entered into by those Lords
and Gentlemen that had joined together for the Defence of the Protestant Religion, and maintaining
the ancient Government, and Laws and Liberties of England, Scotland, and Ireland, might be
brought into this Assembly; and that it might be signed by all the Members there present.
And the said association having been delivered in at the Table; and read by the Chairman, and
well approved of by the Assembly; it was
Ordered, That the Association be laid upon the Table, that all the Members that please may sign it:
And that a Clerk do attend at the Table with the said Association, after the Assembly is risen, until
their next Meeting.
And then the Assembly adjourned to Four of the Clock in the Afternoon.

The Association

WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, who have now joined for the Defence of the Protestant
Religion, and for maintaining the ancient Government, and the Laws and Liberties of England,
Scotland, and Ireland, do engage, to Almighty God, to his Highness the Prince of Orange, and
to one another, in the Defence of it; and never to depart from it, until our Religion, our Laws, and
our Liberties are so far secured to us, in a free Parliament, that we shall be in no danger of falling
under Popery and Slavery.
And whereas we are engaged in this common Cause, under the Protection of the Prince of Orange,
by which means his Person may be exposed to the desperate and cursed Attempts of Papists,
and other bloody Men: We do therefore solemnly engage, both to God and to one another, that if
any such Attempts are made upon him, we will pursue, not only those who make them, but all their
Adherents, and all that we find in Arms against us, with the utmost Severities of a just Revenge, to
their Ruin and destruction; and that the Execution of any such Attempt (which God of his Mercy
forbid) shall not divert us from prosecuting this Cause, which we do now undertake; but that it shall
engage us to carry it on with all the Vigour that so barbarous a Practice shall deserve.

At Exeter the 19th Day of December, 1688.