1688 (Julian Calendar)

  1. 10th of October Prince William of Orange issues his Declaration of Reasons for appearing in arms in the kingdom of England
  2. 24th of October Prince William of Orange issues his additional Declaration
  3. 5th of November Prince William of Orange lands at Torbay in Devon
  4. 10th of December King James II attempts to flee to France throwing the Great Seal of England into the river Thames
  5. 17th of December William enters London
  6. 19th of December the Association at Exeter makes its Declaration
  7. 23rd of December William issues an order to assemble a group to decide how to proceed
  8. 26th of December William meets with the members of King Charles II’s old Parliament and others
  9. 22nd of January the convention assembles for the first time
  10. 12th of February the Declaration is enrolled and engrossed in Chancery
  11. 13th of February the Declarations terms are agreed and the crown tendered
  12. 14th of February William and Mary’s answer accepting the terms of the Declaration is recorded on the roll and ordered to be printed and published and again engrossed and enrolled in Chancery
  13. 23rd of February Royal Assent for the first Act of William and Mary’s reign

1689 (Julian Calendar)

  1. 9th of April the Coronation Oath act (An 1. Session 1. Chapter 6) Receives Royal Assent
  2. 11th of April William and Mary’s Coronation
  3. 16th of December the Bill of Rights receives its Royal Assent
  4. 6th of February the Convention Parliament is dissolved
  5. 20th of March a new Parliament starts to sit

1690 (Julian Calendar)

  1. 14th of April the crown and Parliament recognition act receives Royal Assent 1690
  2. 1st of July The Battle of The Boyne the final defeat of King James II